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Established in 1985 Rosemor International specialises in the manufacture and supply of precision-engineered escalator cleaning equipment. The company provides second-to-none industry expertise in the cleaning equipment market.

Our customers are cleaning companies, cleaning contractors, shopping centres, railways, airports and equipment distributors.

Our main product is ROTOMAC, a line of semi-automatic and automatic escalator and travelator cleaning machines.

We also supply all spare parts for our products. For UK customers we offer maintenance and service of the machines.

Rosemor International is committed to offering its customers industry-leading products and systems supported with expert advice and service.

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Rosemor Rotomac ET15B Escalator Cleaning

Rotomac ET15B

Escalator Cleaner

The only automated cleaning machine in the world that simultaneously deep - cleans and dries steps and risers in situ, leaving escalators ready for immediate use.

For 40 years, escalator steps had to be removed from escalators in order to clean them. That has now changed.

Rotomac ET15B is combined step and riser escalator and travelator deep cleaning machine - which means there's no longer the need to purchase two separate systems. Once the operator has finished cleaning the escalator, he simply connects T10 module for travelator cleaning - using Rotomac's tanks and power supply.

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Escalator Cleaning Results

Rotomac ET15B automatically deep cleans the vertical and horizontal part of an escalator step, simultaneously, bringing your escalator back to an 'as new' appearance!

Rosemor T10i Travelator Cleaning


Independent Travelator Cleaner

The T10i deep cleans and dries flat surface of travelators and escalators in minutes with no operator! Simply attach T10i into escalator's power supply, position it on the beginning of moving surface, press the button and T10i will take care about the rest. Bring your steps back to a dazzling refurbished appearance.

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New Training Video for Rosemor products

In this video, we demonstrate and explain how to use the Rotomac ET15B Automatic Escalator Cleaning Machine as well as the new T10 & T10i Automatic Travelator (moving walkway) Cleaning Machines.

Rosemor at Romexpo 2016

Radu Mihai at Romexpo presents latest products and services provided by Rosemor International.

History of Rotomac developement

Rosemor International has recently lined up 4 different generations of their customers machines in their workshops. This shows 16 years of innovation and technical development. The Alta 20, built in 2000 was the original model Rosemor brought from Tennant, also known as the Rotomac 300. Click picture to read more


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